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One Year In, Indulge Us!

Celebrating our clients' successes over the last year.

Ortus has made it through a turbulent first year so please indulge us in taking a moment to celebrate some of the success our clients have enjoyed.

· 5 projects that didn’t proceed. Perhaps an odd start but our contribution, due diligence and market appraisal identified risks the clients had missed. That second perspective allows our clients to make balanced decisions and some times walking away is the right choice. I’d say walking away from the wrong project is success.

· Planning Gain. With our support clients have made changes to previously approved projects, adding value, increasing their margins, and reducing risk.

· The right solution. By undertaking a development viability comparison exercise we were able to help a client negotiate the sale of a property for 30% more than the initial offer.

· Planning Risk. We’re happy to have helped our clients mitigate risk at planning and of the 11 planning applications submitted in the last 12 months, between them, our clients have received 10 planning approvals.

It’s been an interesting first year in business which has seen the chaos of Brexit (remember that), a general election, followed by the Christmas shut down, then Covid 19 but at Ortus the wheels kept turning. Supporting our clients through difficult decisions and challenging environments we’ve helped them stay on track and keep moving forward. Now they have projects progressing to site where they face more risks, more obstacles and more challenges but, with our support, they're moving forward with confidence.

Next year we'll be celebrating the delivery of new homes and more success but for now, indulge us please, and join us in celebrating a challenging but successful first year.

The success of our clients has helped Ortus grow, Happy 1st Birthday Ortus.

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