ORTUS Always looking for the right People

At Ortus we're pursuing rapid growth with an appetite for doing things differently. We're looking for creative, inspiring and challenging people, who share our ethos, to join us here in Devon, or in a distributed role, to progress that vision.


We have an infinite business strategy putting valued, inspired and purposeful people at the centre. The environments we create will outlast us as will the business that we serve. We all make a strong contribution to a bigger picture that Ortus will continue to paint.


At Ortus we aspire to create an environment that enables our colleagues to have: 


Mastery – The ability to grow and develop in their professional role and in their own lives.

Autonomy – The freedom and agency to control their environment and activity.

Purpose – We see something bigger than ourselves in what we do.

If you have experience in a built environment profession please get in touch, We enjoy communicating with like minded people and are always open to discovering new talent and alternative ways of sharing skills, experience and collaboration.

Current Vacancies

Architectural Technologist - Full Time - Salary  £25k-£30k depending on experience.


This is an opportunity for a motivated self starter looking for a role that will provide them with the space and environment for professional, personal and career growth.

About Ortus
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"I believe the construction industry is undergoing a renaissance and the next few years will be the most exciting in an already diverse and interesting career"

Tony Horsey - Founder of Ortus

Ortus supports ambitious and forward thinking Property Investors, Developers and a wide array of other clients from the first moment an opportunity is discovered. The thread that joins them all is the understanding that having the right information, at the very beginning of a project, puts them in the very best position for future success.


We work in an industry undergoing unprecedented change and Ortus is in front of this to advise, support and provide our clients with constant and never ending improvement in the solutions we provide and the services we offer.

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