First and foremost we're property people!

Architecture is at the core of who we are but so is a desire to challenge expectations in a rapidly evolving industry that is becoming more and more complex. 

We're a team of like minded professionals who believe that simplicity and commitment are the key to the success of our clients. Simplicity in the way we deliver projects, removing un-necessary layers or services, and commitment through alternative solutions like our unique, shared risk, service agreements. 

Our industry is evolving with the emergence of modern methods of construction, BIM, Artificial Intelligence... and with a focus on simplicity we ensure these become tools to enhance what we deliver and not to complicate it further.

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About Ortus
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"I believe the construction industry is undergoing a renaissance and the next few years will be the most exciting in an already diverse and interesting career"

Tony Horsey - Founder of Ortus

Ortus supports ambitious and forward thinking Property Investors, Developers and a wide array of other clients from the first moment an opportunity is discovered. The thread that joins them all is the understanding that having the right information, at the very beginning of a project, puts them in the very best position for future success.


We work in an industry undergoing unprecedented change and Ortus is in front of this to advise, support and provide our clients with constant and never ending improvement in the solutions we provide and the services we offer.

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Ortus is the trading name for Arbor Design Ltd. A limited company registered in England and wales. Company Number :12169883